Our complete line of high-performance filter media is designed to precise specifications.


This results in innovative, multi-ply filter media that increase in tightness, top to bottom, and in single-ply filter media for surface and depth filtration. Consisting of natural fibers alone or in combination with synthetic fibers, Filter-Max™ filter media maximize separation efficiency.


Why choose Womack International's High Performance Filter Media?


Some filter media are made from 100% melt-blown polypropylene, which is a petrochemical product. While it can be an efficient filter septum, it tends to load up and retain not only inorganic metallic contaminants, but also fine inorganic contaminants (known as tramp oils) and valuable additives from the coolant.

On the surface, this would appear harmless since it removes tramps oils from the coolant. The problem arises, however, when the filter is clean-cycled. The pressure from the clean cycle forces most of those tramp oil accumulations to blow through the filter media, back into the coolant system, but no longer in the form of small, emulsified droplets. These materials now re-enter the coolant system as large droplets of tramp oils aided by the turbulent, compressed-air driven blowdown sequence that takes place during the clean cycle. These droplets are tenacious and immediately become suspended in the coolant as they agglomerate from sub-filterable fines into much larger particles that are abrasive enough to scratch and cause excessive tool wear. If you use a polypropylene filter media, you can measure the tramp oil concentration both before and after a filter clean-cycle, and you will see an increase in tramp oil concentration results.

While tramp oils are never removed from the operating system in any significant amount by filter media, our FMX-2000 and MicronOne filter media are specifically engineered to coalesce the extremely small droplets of suspended tramp oils into larger droplets. These are then released back onto the surface of the coolant reservoir where they become buoyant with a specific gravity of approximately 0.85. In this process, large amounts of sub-filterable fines (smaller than 3-5 microns) are removed from the surface of the tank through skimming.

All our filter media products have been engineered with this in mind, and this is why we sell Filter-Max filter media products exclusively. They are specifically designed without petrochemical or oleophilic fibers in order to avoid coalescing and removing valuable additives from the coolant.

Additionally, while most filter media products are sold at a 5-micron rating, there is no such thing as a 5 or 10-micron absolute rated product. There are no absolutes, and all openings in any filter media septum are not the same. The smallest size particle visible to the unaided human eye is about 25-30 microns, so 5 microns is quite small. As you know, much of the dirt load produced in a D & I can making operation is smaller yet, even submicronic in size.

Our filter media products are depth-type media which create serpentine flow paths for fluid to pass through. Those flow channels are additionally obstructed by our introduction of small concentrations of synthetic micro-fibers that further restrict the passage of micro-organisms, metallic soaps and tramp oils, all of which are quite sticky and stubborn. With our filter media, these accumulations grab onto sub-filterable particles and retain them, making the filter media more efficient than other products.

While other filter media products can only efficiently remove 10 to 20% of 5-micron particles, high-performance filter media like our Filter-Max FMX-2000 and MicronOne product lines consistently filter and remove 80 to 85% of all 5-micron size particles. Our products efficiently filter 3 to 5 microns throughout the filter operating cycle while maintaining the total inorganic dirt load at less than 150 PPM.

When you purchase high-performance filter media from Womack International, you can be confident that our filter media will (1) be consistent in performance, (2) have excellent handling utility and (3) retain the valuable additives from the coolant package. This results in longer filter cycles, reduced tooling costs, increased bodymaker performance, lower long-term media costs and higher can surface finish qualities. For these reasons, our filter media products excel over the competition.


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