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can line

Our Can Line Fluid Filtration Systems are designed and engineered with a thorough understanding of liquid/solid separation problems and solutions. Womack International's Can Line Systems have become an industry standard and are internationally recognized for their quality and efficiency.

metal rolling

Our Metal Rolling Filtration Systems are innovative and durable. They are engineered and built with a unique composite plate design, ensuring long life for new applications and dramatically extending the life of retrofit projects.

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waste water treatment

You can find Womack systems used as modular water treatment filters for various waste water applications. Every Wastewater Treatment System is customized to meet the most stringent of local codes and regulations.

We are the most trusted name in the canning industry for fluid filtration.


Womack International's Can Line Fluid Filtration Systems are custom designed and engineered for specific coolant filtration needs. Our Micron-One modular coolant filtration systems feature automated controls and "pinch and pull" spent media extractors with filter media saver options. Optional features include variable frequency drive controls, separate tank modules, and pneumatic filter press closer systems. 

All of our industrial fluid filtration systems have been engineered and manufactured from the ground up. Our complete line of high pressure, metal-working systems were fabricated and assembled in the U.S.A. at our manufacturing plant located on Mare Island in Northern California. Each system has been thoroughly fluid-tested for a trouble-free startup and backed by Womack's high reputation for excellence.

For more information and technical assistance on our Micron-One Pressure Filtration Systems, feel free to contact us at or by phone at (707) 763-1800.


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Metal Rolling Filtration Systems


Metal rolling mills around the world use plate and frame pressure filtration systems to clean and reuse mill coolants. Womack's unique composite plate design ensures longer life for new applications and dramatically extends the life of retrofit equipment. As a result, a Womack filtration system with composite filter plates provides lower total cost ownership over the life of your filtration system.

Our composite filter plates offer the following benefits:

Resistance To Corrosion

Old metal filter plates tend to leak, because seal surfaces and welds become pitted and fail over time. With our composite plates you won't have to worry about replacing or reworking metal filter plates. The smooth sealing surfaces of our plates resist the common corrosion problems encountered on metal filter plates.

Easy Clean-out Capabilities

Our composite filter plates are equipped with removable clean-out plugs and removable internal troughs for ease of maintenance without needing to remove the plate from the filter stack.

Better Filter Sealing Capacities

Our plates ensure a good seal on the filter press over the lifetime of the filter and virtually eliminate leaks and wicking of coolants to the outside of the filter. This reduces maintenance and minimizes hazards around the filter.

Non-stick Filter Media On Extraction

Much of the filter media in use today tends to stick to the sharp edges and pitted seal surfaces of metal filter plates. The smooth, clean surface of Womack composite plates minimizes the amount of filter media sticking to the filter plates. This reduces maintenance and required intervention of operators. It also minimizes turn-around time when clean-cycling the filter.

Dramatically Longer Equipment Life

The composite materials in our plates last several lifetimes longer than that of metal filter plates.

Lower Cost Of Ownership Over The Lifetime Of The System

The benefits of our composite plates contribute to lower cost of ownership for the life of your filter system.


For more information and technical assistance about our Metal Rolling Systems, feel free to contact us at, by phone at (707) 763-1800

or Tom Stines at Stines Equipment Company.


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Waste Water Treatment


Our Waste Water Treatment Systems are custom designed and built to the high quality standards you have come to expect from Womack International. Our systems provide time-saving, cost-effective benefits to industries with specialized waste water filtration needs, including the oil and gas industries.

All of our equipment has been manufactured and assembled first as modular units at our California-based manufacturing facility, then fully tested to ensure that all target goals and design specifications have been fully met. In-house testing minimizes the time required at installation, providing trouble-free start up. After testing is complete, the system is thoroughly demonstrated to the customer for final approval. The modular system is then separated and loaded directly onto truck beds or sea freight shipping containers.

From the quality of the welding to the attention to detail given in the control system, our Water Treatment Systems are like all our systems - built to last. Our substantial pipe support and logical equipment layout for operator ease-of-use are key factors in designing these systems. Proper component selection and assembly are part of what makes our Water Treatment Systems stand above all others.

For more information and technical assistance on our Water Treatment System lines, feel free to contact us at or by phone at (707) 763-1800.


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